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PARTY ZONE Spécial NOEL 25 Décembre sur FM et web

Ice MC – it's a rainy day (Christmas long mix)
Yello – Jingle bells (santa club mix)
Barbecue production – moi y'aime bien moa
Rotterdam Termination Source – Merry x-mess
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo –Last Christmas

Thunderdome - The X-Mas Edition



Party Zone n44 130107

sur mixradio80 et Delta FM


Mika : UN TIT MIX EURODANCE tendance cool

Eve Gallagher - You Can Have It All (Ramp Club Mix)
Arizona - Slide on the Rhythm (Original mix)
03. Hugh K - Shine On(Extented Version)
04. Excess Feat. Valery D. - The Night(Extented mix)
05. Fun Fun - I'm Needin' You(Xl Size)
06. Double
Dee - Hey You(Whistle remix)
07. FR Connection - Listen Up(80's Club mix)

CmaXX mix

Blue Planet Corporation - Midian
Age of Love - Age of love
Energy 52 - Cafe del mar
Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase
Cosmic Baby - A tribute to blade runner
Transform - Transformation
Hallucinogen - LSD
Cygnus X - Orange Theme
Aurora Borealis - The milky way
Jones and Stephenson - The first rebirth
Jam and spoon - Follow me
Lunatic Asylum - The meltdown
Scan X – Aum

Dj Goons rave mix a 3 platines

Un très bon mix que je vous conseille avec de grands classiques techno, acid et rave !!!

W ( wallou) hardcore-hardfloor oldschool 92-99

James Moriarti – the freaks
D.J Bountyhunter – Short circuit
Lunatic Asylum – Seven (356 mix)
Mangacorps – First wave
Manu le malin – Ghost train
D.J Bountyhunter – Come on
Mangacorps – The hunter
Manu le malin – On the way home



Party Zone n45 200107

Vous retrouverez cette semaine 3 mixs encore !

Et oui , le travail dans une radio , cela prend défois bcp de temps , donc pour ne pas penaliser nos fan de party zone ai je decidé de mettre 3 mixs

tout d'abord le Back to the club de Dj Franky et the Crazy pitcher dont vous retrouverez la playlist dans les premieres pages de ce topic ....
Ensecond mix , on partira dans l'univers techno qui va plaire entre autre a mon amis technomaxx
: en effet 1 mix de 1 h speciale r&s records
Project, The (3) - Do That Dance
Project, The (3) - Kick The House
Space Opera - Space 3001
Space Opera - Space 3001 (Remixes)
Human Resource - Dominator
TC 1991 - Berry
Voodoo Child - Voodoo Child
CJ Bolland - Ravesignal Vol. II
Autonation - Sit On The Bass
CJ Bolland - Ravesignal III
Mundo Muzique - Tranztechno EP Vol. 1
Project 86 - Industrial Bass / Total Recall
Pulse (9) - Catvoice
Spectrum - Brazil
avant de retrouver en derniere heure un live trance psy de Hallucinogen datant de 1994....... attention , cest du lourd et rare ... puis un titre surprise a la fin plutot techno culte ! a vous de le trouver !



Party Zone n46 270107

Spécial allemagne

1ere partie

Spécial U96
Das Boot
love sees no colour ( version 2 )
i wanna be a kennedy
night in motion ( 12" version)
ambient underworld
love religion
inside your dreams ( phase1)
club bizarre
a night to remember
der kommandant
love generation

2eme partie

Dune :
million miles from home
hardcore vibes
rainbow to the stars
are you ready to fly
hand in hand
can't stop raving

kleiner satellit
Nur getraûmt
herz an herz

Das modul - computerliebe ( version album)

partie 3 :
Megamix spécial Scooter


Party Zone n47

special techno ....
pas de playlist pour ces megamixs


party zone n48 3 h maxx de pure plaisir

age of love - The age of love
2frenchmen - black planet ( save the planet mix )
80 aum - mind controller
808 state - pacific Mind
acts of madmen- the dreams
altern 8 - evapor8
amnesia- ibiza
Angel- poison
angel ice - je n'aime que toi
Antico - we need freedom
Atahualpa - Ultimo imperio ( original version)
awesome 3 - don't go
B-sides - the tape
Barbecue Production - la tactique du gendarme
Barbecue production - moi yaime bien moa
Joey Beltram - my sound
Joey Beltram - the omen (afterlife mix )
Joey beltram - Energy flash
blowfly - i can't see it all now
blue peter - flagship ( higher energy)
blue alphabet - cybertrance
chantal - the realm
casseopaya - overdose (remix)
casseopaya - basic theme n1
ceejay - get busy theme
channel x - groove to move
channel x - rave the rythm
chestnut - pot of gold
chestnut - revelation of a new order
choice - Acid effeil
Cola boy - 7 way is the love ( club mix )


party zone n49

Carl craig - no more words
CJ Bolland - Planet Zorgon
Classex - the black message
Cold Sensation - liquid empire/Trash in heaven
Congress - 40 miles
Cubic 22 - night in motion
Cybersonic - technarchy
cybotron - clear
DHS - house of God

dave Angel - Poison
Dave Angel - Sweet dreams
Dave Clarke - get a little stupid
Dee maestro - dee spane
Deep piece - torwart
Digital Boy- 1,2,3 acid ( futuristik mix)
Digital Boy- Technobeat
Digital Boy- Kokko
Digital orgasm - moog eruption
Digital Vamp - you can take my body

d'shake - my heart the beat
d'shake - technotrance
Dj Dick - Weekend
DJPC - Insomniak
DR Felix - Relax your body
Evoe - este amor
ecstasy club - jesus loves the acid
edwards and armani - acid drill
electric dream - active rock
electropeople- technoboy
The castle; Elvis has left the building



Partyzone n50

Emmanuel Top - acid phase
Eon - the spice must flow
epilepsia - epilepsia
eskimos & egypt - welcome to the future
euphoria - men beat on drums
fiction - fantasy word
fierce ruling diva - rubb it in
fierce ruling diva - you got a believe
Force legato - system
frankie bones - call it techno
galaxie - le déconnecté ( karl mix )
gto - pure

Hashim al naafiysh - the soul
holy noise - get down everybody
Human ressource - dominator
Human ressource - Beyond the edge ( speedy j remix )
Innerlight - phantasia
interactive-who is elvis
jam&spoon - stella
Kamera - back in the time ( techno mix)
kick squad- sound clash
kicks like a mule - the bouncer
klangwerk - warte bis es dunkel ist

KLF- megamix euromix
kraftwerk - popcorn
L.A Style - james brown is dead
La tour - people are still having sex
la tour - blue
Laurent Garnier - it could be an american
Laurent Garnier - Storm
Laurent Garnier - what's going on
Lhasa - the attic




Playlist party zone n 51

lil louis - french kiss
linea alba - space travel
ma trag - hard passion
malcom mc larend & Alimerick - magic's back (techno mix)
manix - feels real good
marrs - pump up the volume
massive attack - unfinished sympaty
3times 6 - you can run
mental overdrive - theme of st baafs
microbots - cosmic evolution
mno- god of abraham
moby - go ( delirium)

modular expansion - cube
mr monday - future 2
mundo muzique - acid pandemonium
njoy - adrenalin
njoy - anthem
njoy- malfunction
new composers - sputnik V
nux nemo - i feel it
orbital - chime
outlander - vamp
phantasia - violent skies
plb system - artificial defense

pleasure game - le dormeur ( rave mix)
pleasure game - le seigneur des tenebres ( mystic house termin)
plexus - cactus rythm
plexus - raw mission
praga kahn - injected with a poison
praga kahn - free your body
praga kahn - rave alarm
prices2pounds - curiosity remix
prodigy - charly
prodigy - android
psychoteam - bolero
Q - from within
Quadrophonia- quadrophonia



Cool T - the rythm
2excel-disciples of the beat
2 in a room - do what you want
abyale - i wanna be your lover too
Adeva - respect
Arthur miles - helping Hand
atmosphear - atmosphear
banderas - this is your life
bassomatic - fascinating rhythm
Bcn orchestra - quiem tu te crees
beat international - du be good to me
beat international - won't talk about it
Beckie bell - i ll never know
Beckie bell - steppin out tonight
Betty boo - 24 hours
Betty boo - where are you baby
cola boy - 7 ways is the love
2static - feel the beat
bassline Boys - on se calme
Benny B- mais vous etes fous remix
Benny B- qu'est ce qu'on fait maintenat remix
2 for joy - in a state
2 for joy - world party
11th hour - vista
adventures of stevie v - dirty cash
Amnesia - drop the stick
B,B and Q band - on the beat
BG the prince of rap - this beat is hot
Bass selective - blow out
bassheads - back to the oldschool
Bazz - factory beat
Bazz - harmony
technotronic – megamix



Radical Rob - Monkeywah
Ravebusters - Powerplant
Reese - Bassline
Rhythm Is Rhythm - Strings Of Life
Royal house - Can you party
SA42 - To Talk Nonsense (original version)
Second Phase (aka joey beltram) - Mentasm
SET UP SYSTEM - Factory (Parallax Mix)
Sonic Solution - Beat time
sonic solution - music
Sonic Solution - Quest
space opera - electrowave
Space Opera - Space 3001
Spectrum - brazil
Speedy J - Pullover
SPEEDY J - Something For Your Mind
Stakker - Humanoid
sub system - subhouse.mp3
Synthesis - Rock The House (Extended Mix)
Système B, Maxximum Is Dead
T99 - anastasia
T99 - Nocturian Victory (instrumental)
T-Birds - Birds dance
TC berry - 1991
Tekno2 - Jet star
The B Sides Vol. II - Magic Orchestra
The Bullfrog - Dataflow
the grid - Figure Of 8
The Mackenzie - Space Luxury
The Project - Do That Dance
the project - here we go
The Project - Kick The House (the roughcut)
The Rhythm Section - Generation
The Ultimate Seduction - The ultimate seduction
TNT - Blow up (Move the house)
Total Groove - Reanimator
Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco
Tronikhouse - Multifunction
tune request - destroyer
UFO - Fantasy
Voodoo Child - Voodoo Child
WESTBAM - Alarm Clock
Westbam - found a lover
Westbam - Hold Me Back
Westbam - The Roof Is On Fire (Ultimate Mix)
WESTBAM & MARUSHA - Mayday Anthem
Wood Allen - Airport
Xpansions - move your body


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